The Key to Effectively Overseeing Your Staff Augmentation During Peak Seasons

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Being able to effectively augment your IT team during peak seasons is critical to your company’s success. If you don’t have the right professionals available at the proper time, your project timelines may be affected. This can include missing critical deadlines or having to put a crucial project on the back burner until the right professionals can be brought on board. 

Luckily, there are things managers can do to ensure they can oversee their staff augmentation during peak seasons and secure the talent they need at the right time. If you want to make sure you have the ideal team for peak seasons, here’s what you need to do. 

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Review Your Past Workload Data 

For many companies, it is possible to estimate when the peak season will begin by using historical data. By reviewing details about previous years’ workloads, you can predict when you will need to augment your staff to meet the upswing in demand. 

Additionally, you can complete future forecasts that can help you right-size your staff early in the peak season. This can include details about the skills you may need and the number of contingent workers that are likely required to reach your productivity goals. 

Assess Your Upcoming Needs 

If you know which projects are in the pipeline, you can use this data to determine your future needs as well. Examine the project load to determine which skills you need to add to your team or which areas should be augmented with additional contingent workers. 

By doing this well in advance of the project start dates, you can begin your recruitment processes before the project begins. This allows you to secure the proper talent right as it is needed, instead of waiting for the project to start to launch a search, which can put you behind schedule. 

Partner with a Talent Curation Provider 

When you work with a talent curation provider, you gain access to a vast database of skilled professionals that can augment your team. The talent curation provider can help you identify candidates from a range of sources, both internal and external, to identify individuals with the right combination of skills and experience quickly and efficiently. 

By working with a talent curation provider, you can streamline your contingent hiring dramatically and shorten the recruitment phase. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice quality in the name of speed, as you can locate highly skilled professionals in less time, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. 

Ultimately, by reviewing your past workloads, assessing your upcoming projects, and working with a leading talent curation provider, you can ensure that you can oversee your staff augmentation during peak seasons properly. As a result, you’ll be able to secure the professionals you need at precisely the right time, giving you the ability to keep your projects on schedule. 

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