Services procurement: Making room for talent curation and direct-sourcing

Since 1940, the staffing industry has enabled buyers to scale their recruitment framework, for both internal (employees) and externally managed (contract) workers. The service model was consistent until around 2005, when vendor management system (VMS) technology was widely adopted, added visibility into the external workforce and enabled buyers to scrutinize a disproportionately large category of… Read more »

Why You Should Expect MORE from Your MSP Provider

smrtpass analyzing contingent staffing efforts

Many companies partner with a managed service provider (MSP) as a means of streamlining operations, gaining additional support, and experiencing a high level of cost savings in critical areas like recruitment, hiring, and contingent staff management. Additionally, an MSP can assist you with harnessing the power of your existing talent ecosystem, making your recruitment efforts more… Read more »

The Leading Benefits of Saving Time With Talent Curation Technology

Talent curation technology has become increasingly powerful in recent years. As a result, these solutions can work wonders when it comes to saving time, allowing you to streamline processes and focus on areas that provide the greatest benefits to your organization. With the right talent curation technology in place, overall recruitment and hiring efficiency is… Read more »

Why Past Finalists Are Key to a Forward-Thinking Sourcing Strategy

Every so often, you will reach the end of the candidate selection process only to find yourself with two job seekers with a ton of potential. Usually, it is hard to make a choice between them, even if it is required. Sometimes, the smallest things tip the scale in favor of one candidate, so that… Read more »

How Positive Communication Steers a Successful MSP Implementation

smrtpass communication msp solutions provider

A successful managed service provider (MSP) solution requires more than just a solid plan for implementation. Once that plan is put in place, you also need to maintain effective, positive communication. This creates a level of transparency regarding the process, ensuring all impacted parties are well-informed and prepared for upcoming changes. As an ISO 9001:2015… Read more »

Assessing Your Current Contingent Staffing State: A Three-Step Process

If you want to build a compelling business case for embracing an MSP solution at your company, your first step should focus internally. Understanding the current state of your contingent staffing needs is essential, empowering you to craft a strong foundation of information that supports strong planning down the line. Assessing your current status in… Read more »

Presenting a Compelling Business Case for MSP Solutions

Companies are increasingly seeing the value of embracing contingent workers. Spending in the contingent labor industry was estimated at $3.7 trillion in 2017, allowing organizations turn to flexible solutions that support productivity goals and adapt to changing circumstances. Executives are learning that, in order to remain competitive, an extended workforce offers a tremendous amount of… Read more »

Why Progressive Organizations Are Using Independent Contractor Validation Services

smrtpass independent contractor validation services

Correctly classifying workers can be a challenging task. Many companies assume that if a professional is open to functioning as an independent contractor, they have performed enough due diligence. However, the proper classification of workers goes far beyond a worker’s willingness to be labeled in a particular fashion. There are strict legal guidelines regarding classifying… Read more »

How Can Managed Services Help Your Team Improve Retention?

smrtpass passthrough managed services increase retention

With the labor market shrinking and competition for the best and brightest fierce, managing attrition in your company is a must. While a certain level of turnover may be unavoidable, most businesses do have room to improve. Partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) can help you make significant positive strides in critical areas like… Read more »

Can Human Resources Keep Up with Your Company Growth?

During periods of rapid growth, managing key human resources functions becomes increasingly challenging. Activities surrounding onboarding, benefits administration and delivering payroll are inevitably more cumbersome when you expand your workforce quickly. Failing to keep pace can result in harmful backlogs. If your human resources department is struggling today or you are anticipating future growth, taking… Read more »