Services procurement: Making room for talent curation and direct-sourcing

Since 1940, the staffing industry has enabled buyers to scale their recruitment framework, for both internal (employees) and externally managed (contract) workers. The service model was consistent until around 2005, when vendor management system (VMS) technology was widely adopted, added visibility into the external workforce and enabled buyers to scrutinize a disproportionately large category of… Read more »

How Can Access to a Premier Talent Curation Provider Allow You to More Effectively Oversee Your Team’s Growth?

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As companies become more reliant on technology, essentially integrating solutions into nearly every aspect of the business, having a strong IT team is a must. Managers are often tasked with locating skilled candidates that can help the organization flourish, ensuring that any new additions provide a substantial amount of value.  While the concept is simple,… Read more »

How Does Direct Sourcing Complement Talent Curation Efforts?

While partnering with a talent curation service is often a smart move for finding top talent, that doesn’t mean companies should completely move away from direct sourcing methods. Supplementing the available talent pool through additional means, including career sites and reviewing internal employee-related data, companies can tap into a larger number of job seekers, increasing… Read more »

What Aspects of Talent Curation Are Best Served by Automation?

Automation is a powerful tool capable of streamlining processes, minimizing workloads, and increasing overall efficiency. When applied to the talent curation process, automation can help you expand your pipeline, simplifying profile maintenance, and even augment your talent ecosystem. By understanding which aspects of talent curation are best served by automation, you have the ability to… Read more »

Tips for Expanding Talent Curation Solutions Across Business Areas

When you begin exploring the capabilities of talent curation solutions, you often need to implement the system in one business area at a time. If your company is large, trying to overhaul your recruitment and hiring approach universally is often too cumbersome to be realistic. However, by expanding the solution in stages, you can make… Read more »

How Positive Communication Steers a Successful MSP Implementation

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A successful managed service provider (MSP) solution requires more than just a solid plan for implementation. Once that plan is put in place, you also need to maintain effective, positive communication. This creates a level of transparency regarding the process, ensuring all impacted parties are well-informed and prepared for upcoming changes. As an ISO 9001:2015… Read more »

How to Engage Key Stakeholders and Earn Buy-In for MSP Staffing Solutions

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Once you have assessed the current state of your contingent workforce and crafted a strong value proposition, it is time to present your findings to key internal personnel. Engaging with stakeholders is often a daunting task, but it is essential if you are going to secure buy-in for an MSP staffing solution. While each organization… Read more »

Presenting a Compelling Business Case for MSP Solutions

Companies are increasingly seeing the value of embracing contingent workers. Spending in the contingent labor industry was estimated at $3.7 trillion in 2017, allowing organizations turn to flexible solutions that support productivity goals and adapt to changing circumstances. Executives are learning that, in order to remain competitive, an extended workforce offers a tremendous amount of… Read more »

Exciting Contingent Labor Trends to Implement in the New Year

With many companies having to adapt to changing business needs throughout the year, the use of blended workforces continues to grow. Along with skilled and reliable permanent staff members, contingent workers bolster your numbers when the need arises, providing you with the highest level of flexibility. The beginning of the new year is an ideal… Read more »

Simple Steps to Take Ownership of Your Career Progress

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Career growth doesn’t happen by accident. While some employees may be offered an unexpected promotion over time, the vast majority of professionals have to take ownership of their progress, taking active steps to continue along the path to greater success. Waiting for someone to tell you what to do and extend an opportunity unprompted is… Read more »