Services procurement: Making room for talent curation and direct-sourcing

Since 1940, the staffing industry has enabled buyers to scale their recruitment framework, for both internal (employees) and externally managed (contract) workers. The service model was consistent until around 2005, when vendor management system (VMS) technology was widely adopted, added visibility into the external workforce and enabled buyers to scrutinize a disproportionately large category of… Read more »

Delivering a Winning Business Case for an MSP Solution: Step 1 [Assess]

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Before you can successfully implement a managed service provider (MSP) solution, you need to build a strong business case for bringing one into your workplace. While utilizing contingent workers is often a critical part of a company’s success, particularly if their staffing needs fluctuate seasonally or based on shifts in demand, managing a flexible workforce… Read more »

How Machine Learning Solutions Improve Contingent Workforce Management

smrtpass machine learning contingent staffing solutions

Advanced technical solutions are allowing companies to enhance their talent curation process and improve their contingent staffing management approach. By partnering with a skilled managed service provider (MSP) that embraces cutting-edge technologies, like smRTpass, manufacturers position themselves to remain ahead of the competition through effective contingent staffing plans. If you want to leverage technology to… Read more »

How Can Managed Services Help Your Team Improve Retention?

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With the labor market shrinking and competition for the best and brightest fierce, managing attrition in your company is a must. While a certain level of turnover may be unavoidable, most businesses do have room to improve. Partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) can help you make significant positive strides in critical areas like… Read more »