How Can Talent Curation from smRTpass Help You Lower Your Time to Fill?

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In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies need to maintain peak productivity. When positions sit vacant for extended periods, keeping up with demand or spurring growth becomes increasingly challenging. This is especially true of the unfilled role represents a skill that isn’t present in the organization’s current workforce, allowing a skill gap to… Read more »

The Guide to Efficiently Onboard Your Newest Contract Employee

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Most companies work diligently to create an effective onboarding process for their permanent staff. However, they don’t always exhibit the same level of care when bringing new contract employees onboarding.  If you want your contingent workers to thrive, having an efficient onboarding process is a must. Otherwise, they may not have the tools and information they need to hit the… Read more »

The Five Leading Contingent Staffing Benefits With a Vendor on Premise

A vendor on premises (VOP) provider isn’t just a staffing service. The provider becomes embedded with your business, giving them the ability to drive talent curation and enhance your direct sourcing capabilities. Not only can this lead to higher-quality candidates, it can also provide you with a range of other benefits designed to ease recruitment… Read more »

How Machine Learning Solutions Improve Contingent Workforce Management

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Advanced technical solutions are allowing companies to enhance their talent curation process and improve their contingent staffing management approach. By partnering with a skilled managed service provider (MSP) that embraces cutting-edge technologies, like smRTpass, manufacturers position themselves to remain ahead of the competition through effective contingent staffing plans. If you want to leverage technology to… Read more »

How Positive Communication Steers a Successful MSP Implementation

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A successful managed service provider (MSP) solution requires more than just a solid plan for implementation. Once that plan is put in place, you also need to maintain effective, positive communication. This creates a level of transparency regarding the process, ensuring all impacted parties are well-informed and prepared for upcoming changes. As an ISO 9001:2015… Read more »

Defining Business Requirements to Drive MSP Success

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If you want to drive success by implementing a vendor management system (VMS) or engaging a managed service provider (MSP), understanding your real business requirements is essential. As with any project, planning is critical, ensuring that partnership can lead to new solutions and improved future forecasting for your business when it comes to contingent staffing.… Read more »

Assessing Your Current Contingent Staffing State: A Three-Step Process

If you want to build a compelling business case for embracing an MSP solution at your company, your first step should focus internally. Understanding the current state of your contingent staffing needs is essential, empowering you to craft a strong foundation of information that supports strong planning down the line. Assessing your current status in… Read more »

Exciting Contingent Labor Trends to Implement in the New Year

With many companies having to adapt to changing business needs throughout the year, the use of blended workforces continues to grow. Along with skilled and reliable permanent staff members, contingent workers bolster your numbers when the need arises, providing you with the highest level of flexibility. The beginning of the new year is an ideal… Read more »

Learn What Makes Talent Direct from smRTpass Unique

Three Ways to Integrate Diversity into Your Hiring Process

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Having a diverse workforce provides a variety of benefits. By bringing together different perspectives and backgrounds, you position your company to achieve higher levels of innovation, making it easier to stay ahead of the competition. Having team and project members with different backgrounds helps by bringing multiple perspectives to the table in order to generate… Read more »