Talent Curation

Talent Curation

smRTpass Talent Curation Services improve cost, quality and efficiency metrics and enable businesses to meet their objectives by nurturing brand-attracted talent, engaging with company alum and cultivating a direct-sourced ecosystem of candidates.

internal sourcing channels

Internal talent databases are filled with opportunities to re-deploy known talent, significantly improving business agility, reducing risk and achieving your cost reduction objectives. smRTpass delivery teams curate focused talent pools to align with your talent demand and overall workforce strategy, providing vetted, known, on-demand workers without the sourcing costs associated with identifying outside talent, pulling from the following sources:


  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Vendor Management Systems
  • Career Portals
  • Digital Staffing Platforms
  • Contract Recruiters

deploying known talent

  • Past contingent workers
  • Past interviewees
  • Referrals
  • Former executives
  • Retirees
  • Past associates
  • Past interns

cost savings. do more with less.

smRTpass talent curation services are enabling enterprises to fill upwards of 60% of their open requests with internally-identified workers, with an average of 10% cost savings per worker (as much as $16.87 per placement). Talent curation services also provide improved access to otherwise expensive workers (due to reduced sourcing cost), increased worker retention and better project outcomes.

improving business engagement

We provide real-time market insight into jobs, contingent worker availability, pricing, and sourcing difficulty, establishing clear expectations for business teams, improving data quality and reporting, and driving improved program performance & quality across all suppliers. Hiring manager feedback and engagement is challenging, but our techniques provide transparency into the sourcing & delivery process and increase engagement, feedback and rapport between business leaders, hiring teams and MSPs.

Truly an alternative sourcing channel, talent curation services thrive within existing MSP/RPO models or as a standalone service, without displacing the need for existing suppliers or services.

Hire smart. Hire who you know. Self-sourcing, forecasting and candidate nurturing with a purpose. Talent curation delivers hard and soft savings, connects you with top talent, and gets you on track faster.

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