MSP/RPO Solutions

MSP/RPO Solutions

smRTpass packages ISO 9001:2015-certified MSP/RPO operations with appropriate technology, talent curation, and payrolling and vendor compliance services – a packaged solution which combines operational excellence with forward-thinking solutions to meet a changing talent landscape and demanding business requirements. Whether you seek a full-scale managed service with a dedicated delivery team or the flexibility of turning on/off a service, smRTpass scales managed services to drive synergy between visions and real-time business needs.

achieving business objectives

Prior to establishing or implementing an managed solution, smRTpass will help deliver a winning business case to your executive leadership team and stakeholders across HR, Procurement, Finance & Accounting, ERP and Sourcing organizations.

As your provider, smRTpass is a strategic asset to your business regarding regulatory, cultural, technology or sourcing considerations. Our teams teams span all business areas and see the impact of organizational change through a staffing lens. Leveraging industry and program data, we deliver executive reports which support key business decisions.

smRTpass engages stakeholders with transparency, tact, data-driven decisions and results. We are accountable to our customers, to our suppliers and to ourselves – committing to deliver quality services and continual improvement with a structured and governed approach throughout our operations – a true partnership and commitment to accountability as a practice.

cultivating grit

  • Best-of-breed technology partners and top-performing staffing suppliers with demonstrated success
  • Commit to program standards which our suppliers expect from us, encourage supplier innovation and recognize suppliers with grit
  • Develop blind, objective scorecards to evaluate supplier effectiveness and increase competition
  • Establish expectations, hold suppliers accountable and engage with suppliers at quarterly business reviews
  • Maintain a reputation for strong integrity, trust, and ethics and take a no-nonsense approach towards ensuring compliance
  • Encourage supplier involvement in the community, diverse supplier representation, and diverse candidate sourcing practices

core operations (system administration)

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified processes and portfolio of enterprise, small and medium-sized clients; scaling by region or to meet business needs is a matter of plugging in requirements
  • Administer the requisition lifecycle, engage suppliers
  • Administer assignments, ensure workers are onboarded
  • Administer invoicing, coordinate with your PMO
  • Administer offboarding, ensure knowledge transfer, terminate system access, retrieve assets, and back-fill as needed
  • Facilitate the resolution of any issues

adapt and evolve

  • Maintain an active presence in the industry, attend and speak at conferences, engage other providers and buyers, and deliver new value to our customers
  • Stay abreast of industry trends and culture shifts to mitigate strategic risk
  • Become embedded in customer culture and provide strategic guidance to leadership; align goals and objectives with your vision
  • Educate customers on changes to regulation, culture or technology workflows
  • Identify opportunities for service-level improvements
  • Ensure adequate analysis, planning, communication, and training for organizational changes
  • Measure the effectiveness of organizational change

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