Strategic CHRO Services

Strategic CHRO Services

smRTpass provides strategic CHRO services to close gaps in policy, process, technology, and culture which directly or indirectly prevent business leaders from achieving their mission or vision by enabling decision-making in workforce planning, human capital management, talent acquisition, talent experience management, compensation/benefits management, compliance & risk analysis, technology, innovation and investments.

workforce planning

smRTpass will guide you through strategic workforce planning, including the establishment of effective Human Capital Management and Talent Acquisition strategies to itemize existing capabilities, retain new talent as needed and position you to efficiently deliver on your mission, objectives and goals.

human capital management

smRTpass will analyze your current and future business needs, growth projections, and existing team’s capabilities to establish an HCM strategy which functions in lockstep with the business and ensures the appropriate roles, people and competencies are in place at the right time and augmented by the right blend of technology, policies, procedures, services, and professional development opportunities to enable business efficiency, effectiveness, scalability, growth and agility.

talent acquisition

With over 15 years of experience and around $50MM/year in managed professional services category spend, our team has supported or managed staffing services for some of the largest employers in the world. Our team is ISO 9001:2015 certified for staffing operations and consistently outperforms competitors, including some of the largest staffing agencies in the world on several accounts.

We boiled down our success into a “secret sauce” — thus allowing our team to share our success as part of our strategic CHRO service to stand up a robust recruitment program for your business.

Looking for a turnkey solution for talent acquisition?

Looking for a turnkey solution for talent acquisition?

compliance and risk analysis

Consumers, spoiled by the ease of e-commerce, expect a similar experience from their employers and customers. Workers are demanding more legislation & regulation to protect working parents, an aging workforce and other disadvantaged groups. Statutory and regulatory mandates are rapidly changing around the country at a city, county, state and federal level, sometimes with very little done to inform businesses. But the expectation to remain compliant remains.

Disruptions in the staffing & recruitment industry pave the way to more efficiently fill vacancies and social media marketing catalyzes the adoption of new ideas. HR tech startups are billion-dollar enterprises overnight, and the way work is done has dramatically changed and continues to change.

In addition to the expertise in HR compliance afforded by our teams on current matters, our team members stay abreast of new requirements, standards or practices resulting from statutory, regulatory, cultural or technological shifts through relationships with our attorneys & advisory board, industry conferences, industry research, and peer groups. In working with our team, you can be confident that we will enable you to understand and take action on your risk exposure.

Looking for an HR evaluation?

total rewards

smRTpass will analyze a broad range of benefits to ensure the wellbeing and satisfaction of your employees. With administrative costs on the rise and federal and local jurisdictions around the country creating new requirements regularly, a new, holistic approach to benefits management is needed and HR is becoming an increasingly more complex and strategic function of your business. To attract and retain your employees, you will need to boast an exciting package of compensation and benefits.

smRTpass will provide benchmark data for compensation and communicate the impact of benefits to your bottom line.

Learn how smRTpass can administer compensation and benefits for your business.

talent experience

smRTpass will advise on the talent experience and corporate branding, ensuring all things come together to mitigate strategic risk and your best workers are retained — including diversity, equity, inclusion, performance reviews, compensation, benefits, learning & development, employee engagement, and social impact.

Our experts will evaluate and recommend improvements or solutions to build your corporate brand, considering your culture and the overall talent experience. We will uncover hidden opportunities in your environment to open your doors to untapped human capital and mitigate strategic and reputational risk.

Technology, Innovation and Investments

smRTpass’ team leverages a holistic and pragmatic approach to evaluating your HR needs, enabling you to put in place the right system to operationalize your mission and most effectively and efficiently get work done – the right combination of organizational structure, policies, procedures and technology.

HR tech is expensive and often underdelivers on business expectations. We will enable you to identify the right systems to meet your needs:

Hire: Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Career Portal
  • Job Boards
  • Digital Staffing Platforms
  • Vendor Management
  • Candidate Nurturing
  • Applicant Tracking
Manage: Human Capital Management Systems
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Payroll and Tax Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Employee Self-Service
Grow: Talent Experience Management Systems
  • Talent Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Management
  • Employee Volunteering
  • Workplace Giving
  • Grants Management
  • Social Impact Management


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