Enterprise Services

smRTpass, a division of nTech, delivers workforce management solutions which allow customers to engage and deploy known talent, such as company alumni or referrals, eliminating the guessing to hiring, ensuring the right people are selected and supporting immediate needs to meet upcoming deadlines. A deeper emphasis is placed on cultivating relationships with these populations, since they have a history or deeper connection with your business. smRTpass services enable businesses to fill the void between an increasing number of available jobs and a decreasing number of qualified applicants.

Enterprise Services include:
  • Payrolling and Vendor Compliance
  • Independent Contractor Validation
  • Work Visa Administration
  • Talent Curation (administering direct/self-sourcing)
  • MSP Solutions
  • RPO Solutions
  • Talent Advisory Consultation (augmenting Total Workforce Management Strategies)

smRTpass is a leading provider of workforce management solutions and one of the few with ISO 9001:2015 certified operations. Our enterprise services enable core business initiatives – risk mitigation, cost reduction, business process outsourcing, business agility, social responsibility and promote engagement and collaboration between all program constituents.

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