How Can Your Business Cultivate a Talent Ecosystem?

When unemployment is low and active job seekers are hard to find, maintaining a large network of available candidates becomes more important. Many businesses without these networks get stuck in catch-up mode, struggling to find skilled professionals as they work to fill their existing vacancies. If you’re not in this mindset yet, there are ways… Read more »

Wondering About the Benefits of an Effective Onboarding Program?

smrtpass effective onboarding program

When you bring on a new contingent worker, the faster they can reach a point of productivity, the better. In order to integrate the employee into your environment as quickly as possible, you need to have an onboarding program that provides them with critical guidance at the right time. Meeting deadlines and benchmarks set for… Read more »

Get Smart: How Artificial Intelligence Benefits Direct Sourcing

smrtpass artificial intelligence direct sourcing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly making its way into the world of direct sourcing. The technology increases efficiency in key areas of the hiring process, including locating top talent, screening job seekers, and identifying candidates with the highest potential to meet your needs. Additionally, job seekers also benefit from AI. The technology can improve the… Read more »

Are You a Networker or a Cold-Caller?

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Having a robust professional network is incredibly beneficial, giving you valuable points of contact who may be able to assist you doing a job search. However, many job seekers only focus on these connections during times of need, limiting their communications until they need help. By only reaching out to your network when you are… Read more »

What Does Working with an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company Mean for You?

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When it comes to finding a supplier with a tried-and-tested quality management system, the ISO 9001:2015 certification is a clear demonstration of excellence in the area. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) outlines strict criteria a business must adhere to if they want to be recognized by the organization, and meeting those requirements truly takes… Read more »

Building Your Personal Brand for the Tech World

smrtpass personal brand tech world

Gone are the days where simply having the right set of hard skills could land you a lucrative job in tech. While your technical capabilities are certainly important, companies are looking beyond your ability to merely fulfill the stated requirements. Cultural diversity and inclusion are playing larger parts in hiring decisions today, as teams look… Read more »

Your Guide to the Power of Talent Curation and Direct Sourcing

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Finding top talent quickly is the goal when companies hire. Traditional recruiting mechanisms like posting vacancies on job boards usually take time to deliver meaningful results, making them less than ideal when you need to move quickly. This is especially true for contingent positions, as they may not gain the same level of attention when… Read more »

How to Know if Passthrough Service is Right for Your Business

In the world of contingent workforce management, the Passthrough service has gained a lot of traction. While a Passthrough can work in conjunction with other staffing services, such as recruitment and screening, it also functions as a separate entity, allowing the service to be offered separately to businesses. Determining whether a Passthrough service is right… Read more »

Tech Trends to Watch for in the Second Half of 2018

Technology seems to evolve at an unprecedented pace. The trends of yesterday are now widely adopted, and new trends emerge on seemingly a daily basis. While most trends are noteworthy to some degree, some of them genuinely deserve your attention in the second half of 2018. Here are a few to keep your radar. Blockchain… Read more »