Are You Prepared to Keep Learning in the New Year?

smrtpass tech trends 2019

If one thing is constant in the world of technology, it’s change. New advancements appear on seemingly a daily basis, leading the business community in new directions and creating lasting change. In 2018, developers led the way in many key areas, and they will continue to do so in 2019. This means everyone has to… Read more »

Can Human Resources Keep Up with Your Company Growth?

During periods of rapid growth, managing key human resources functions becomes increasingly challenging. Activities surrounding onboarding, benefits administration and delivering payroll are inevitably more cumbersome when you expand your workforce quickly. Failing to keep pace can result in harmful backlogs. If your human resources department is struggling today or you are anticipating future growth, taking… Read more »

Put Your Hiring Process on the Fast Track in 2019

smrtpass hiring process improvements contingent staffing

With the labor market shrinking on a seemingly daily basis, having an efficient hiring process is a must. It ensures you can connect with and secure top talent before your competition has a chance to extend them an offer. Talent Direct solutions from smRTpass offer a comprehensive plan to engage with contingent employees and candidates… Read more »

Simple Steps to Take Ownership of Your Career Progress

smrtpass take ownership of career progress

Career growth doesn’t happen by accident. While some employees may be offered an unexpected promotion over time, the vast majority of professionals have to take ownership of their progress, taking active steps to continue along the path to greater success. Waiting for someone to tell you what to do and extend an opportunity unprompted is… Read more »

Three Ways to Integrate Diversity into Your Hiring Process

a group of job candidates

Having a diverse workforce provides a variety of benefits. By bringing together different perspectives and backgrounds, you position your company to achieve higher levels of innovation, making it easier to stay ahead of the competition. Having team and project members with different backgrounds helps by bringing multiple perspectives to the table in order to generate… Read more »

How to Foster Continuous Innovation in Your Workplace

smrtpass foster continuous innovation

Today’s business world moves quickly. Without innovation, nearly any company can falter, leading them to fall behind the competition. With innovation, it is possible to stay ahead of competitors, creating an advantage that you can leverage as a means of reaching greater levels of success. One approach that can help your company excel is to… Read more »

Becoming a Top Performer Starts with Exceeding Expectations

smrtpass exceeding expectations at work

If you want to be a top performer, merely doing what is expected isn’t going to cut it. An acceptable performance isn’t going to help you stand out from your peers, either in your current role or as a candidate for a new position. Instead, you need to consistently go above and beyond the call… Read more »

Five Ways to Engage Your Database of Passive Job Seekers

smrtpass engage passive candidates

In a perfect world, you get to identify your ideal candidate early in the hiring process. They have the perfect combination of skills and experiences, and a personality that will thrive with your company’s culture. There’s only one problem: they aren’t an active job seeker. Maybe you met them when they applied for a different… Read more »

Leverage Employer Branding to Attract a Focused Candidate Base

In today’s tightening labor market, employers have to do even more to attract top talent for their vacant positions. Establishing strong employer branding plays a significant role in that process. If the job candidates you want to attract knows exactly what your company offers and how you can help them, then that brand will be… Read more »

Five Ways to Be a Better Coworker Today

smrtpass five ways to be a better coworker

When it comes to boosting productivity at work, most advice focuses on what you can do. You’ll see tips for organizing your workstation, enhancing time management and bolstering skills, all designed to help you increase efficiency and competency. However, taking some time to focus on those around you can also yield similar results. Additionally, it… Read more »