Defining Business Requirements to Drive MSP Success

smrtpass reviewing workforce management requirements

If you want to drive success by implementing a vendor management system (VMS) or engaging a managed service provider (MSP), understanding your real business requirements is essential. As with any project, planning is critical, ensuring that partnership can lead to new solutions and improved future forecasting for your business when it comes to contingent staffing.… Read more »

What Benefits of an MSP Solution Will Impact Your Organization Most?

Partnering with an MSP represents a fundamental shift in how you manage your contingent workforce. As a result, you are poised to reap a variety of benefits from improved risk mitigation to reduced costs. Before getting started, you need to make sure you will be able to obtain the benefits that align with larger business… Read more »

How to Engage Key Stakeholders and Earn Buy-In for MSP Staffing Solutions

smrtpass establishing buy-in msp staffing solutions

Once you have assessed the current state of your contingent workforce and crafted a strong value proposition, it is time to present your findings to key internal personnel. Engaging with stakeholders is often a daunting task, but it is essential if you are going to secure buy-in for an MSP staffing solution. While each organization… Read more »

Assessing Your Current Contingent Staffing State: A Three-Step Process

If you want to build a compelling business case for embracing an MSP solution at your company, your first step should focus internally. Understanding the current state of your contingent staffing needs is essential, empowering you to craft a strong foundation of information that supports strong planning down the line. Assessing your current status in… Read more »

Presenting a Compelling Business Case for MSP Solutions

Companies are increasingly seeing the value of embracing contingent workers. Spending in the contingent labor industry was estimated at $3.7 trillion in 2017, allowing organizations turn to flexible solutions that support productivity goals and adapt to changing circumstances. Executives are learning that, in order to remain competitive, an extended workforce offers a tremendous amount of… Read more »

Why Progressive Organizations Are Using Independent Contractor Validation Services

smrtpass independent contractor validation services

Correctly classifying workers can be a challenging task. Many companies assume that if a professional is open to functioning as an independent contractor, they have performed enough due diligence. However, the proper classification of workers goes far beyond a worker’s willingness to be labeled in a particular fashion. There are strict legal guidelines regarding classifying… Read more »

Three Ways Passive Job Seekers Build Connections With Industry Connections and Organizations

smrtpass professional networking advice

Finding a new position can be a daunting task if you are hoping to keep your job search confidential from your current employer. Many passive job seekers want to learn about exciting opportunities, but they aren’t interested in making a change unless new positions are an outstanding fit. By using the right approach, it is… Read more »

How Can Managed Services Help Your Team Improve Retention?

smrtpass passthrough managed services increase retention

With the labor market shrinking and competition for the best and brightest fierce, managing attrition in your company is a must. While a certain level of turnover may be unavoidable, most businesses do have room to improve. Partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) can help you make significant positive strides in critical areas like… Read more »

Exciting Contingent Labor Trends to Implement in the New Year

With many companies having to adapt to changing business needs throughout the year, the use of blended workforces continues to grow. Along with skilled and reliable permanent staff members, contingent workers bolster your numbers when the need arises, providing you with the highest level of flexibility. The beginning of the new year is an ideal… Read more »

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