The Five Leading Contingent Staffing Benefits With a Vendor on Premise

A vendor on premises (VOP) provider isn’t just a staffing service. The provider becomes embedded with your business, giving them the ability to drive talent curation and enhance your direct sourcing capabilities. Not only can this lead to higher-quality candidates, it can also provide you with a range of other benefits designed to ease recruitment… Read more »

Six Best Practices Used in Leading Direct Sourcing Strategies

Today, it’s a job-seekers market. Competition for top talent is fierce, so your direct sourcing strategies need to be on point. Falling short on the recruitment end could mean extended times to hire or missing out on highly skilled professionals who could excel in one of your vacant roles. Luckily, there are techniques that leading… Read more »

How Does Direct Sourcing Complement Talent Curation Efforts?

While partnering with a talent curation service is often a smart move for finding top talent, that doesn’t mean companies should completely move away from direct sourcing methods. Supplementing the available talent pool through additional means, including career sites and reviewing internal employee-related data, companies can tap into a larger number of job seekers, increasing… Read more »

smRTpass Set to Attend 2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference in Oak Brook, IL

2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference

In order to compete in today’s tight labor market, companies need to embrace a variety of tools. By attending the 2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference, decision-makers can learn about a range of approaches and systems that can enable them to efficiently reach their strategic workforce objectives. This year, smRTpass is set to attend this valuable… Read more »

What Aspects of Talent Curation Are Best Served by Automation?

Automation is a powerful tool capable of streamlining processes, minimizing workloads, and increasing overall efficiency. When applied to the talent curation process, automation can help you expand your pipeline, simplifying profile maintenance, and even augment your talent ecosystem. By understanding which aspects of talent curation are best served by automation, you have the ability to… Read more »

Mining for Talent: Three Talent Pools to Connect With Immediately

The battle for top talent is fierce. Many companies are competing for the best and brightest professionals, all while trying to enhance their talent ecosystem in preparation for their future needs. Often, certain talent pools are incidentally overlooked. Many businesses focus on drawing in new talent and do not make the most of their existing… Read more »

The Leading Benefits of Saving Time With Talent Curation Technology

Talent curation technology has become increasingly powerful in recent years. As a result, these solutions can work wonders when it comes to saving time, allowing you to streamline processes and focus on areas that provide the greatest benefits to your organization. With the right talent curation technology in place, overall recruitment and hiring efficiency is… Read more »

Tips for Expanding Talent Curation Solutions Across Business Areas

When you begin exploring the capabilities of talent curation solutions, you often need to implement the system in one business area at a time. If your company is large, trying to overhaul your recruitment and hiring approach universally is often too cumbersome to be realistic. However, by expanding the solution in stages, you can make… Read more »

What Does a Multichannel Sourcing Strategy Entail?

Today, the world of recruitment is changing. Long gone are the days where you could simply post a vacancy on one major job board or an internal website and gain access to all of the talent you need. It’s a job seekers market, and competition for the best and brightest is fierce. Plus, many companies… Read more »

Three Strategies to Keep Continuous Innovation at the Forefront

In order to remain competitive, fostering a workplace that embraces continuous innovation is essential. Otherwise, you may quickly be outdone by forward-thinking competitors, making it harder for your company to remain a leader in your sector. Strategic thinking is often at the core of innovation, so creating an environment where that mindset isn’t just encouraged… Read more »