Why You Should Expect MORE from Your MSP Provider

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Many companies partner with a managed service provider (MSP) as a means of streamlining operations, gaining additional support, and experiencing a high level of cost savings in critical areas like recruitment, hiring, and contingent staff management. Additionally, an MSP can assist you with harnessing the power of your existing talent ecosystem, making your recruitment efforts more… Read more »

The Key to Effectively Overseeing Your Staff Augmentation During Peak Seasons

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Being able to effectively augment your IT team during peak seasons is critical to your company’s success. If you don’t have the right professionals available at the proper time, your project timelines may be affected. This can include missing critical deadlines or having to put a crucial project on the back burner until the right… Read more »

The Guide to Efficiently Onboard Your Newest Contract Employee

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Most companies work diligently to create an effective onboarding process for their permanent staff. However, they don’t always exhibit the same level of care when bringing new contract employees onboarding.  If you want your contingent workers to thrive, having an efficient onboarding process is a must. Otherwise, they may not have the tools and information they need to hit the… Read more »

Delivering a Winning Business Case for an MSP Solution: Step 1 [Assess]

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Before you can successfully implement a managed service provider (MSP) solution, you need to build a strong business case for bringing one into your workplace. While utilizing contingent workers is often a critical part of a company’s success, particularly if their staffing needs fluctuate seasonally or based on shifts in demand, managing a flexible workforce… Read more »

Three Ways to Harness Employer Branding for Talent Engagement

While leveraging your employer branding to attract a candidate base is critical, taking it further is also a wise move. You also need to focus on talent engagement, ensuring that those who are initially interested in what your company has to offer view you as an employer of choice and are willing to stay connected… Read more »

The Five Leading Contingent Staffing Benefits With a Vendor on Premise

A vendor on premises (VOP) provider isn’t just a staffing service. The provider becomes embedded with your business, giving them the ability to drive talent curation and enhance your direct sourcing capabilities. Not only can this lead to higher-quality candidates, it can also provide you with a range of other benefits designed to ease recruitment… Read more »

Six Best Practices Used in Leading Direct Sourcing Strategies

Today, it’s a job-seekers market. Competition for top talent is fierce, so your direct sourcing strategies need to be on point. Falling short on the recruitment end could mean extended times to hire or missing out on highly skilled professionals who could excel in one of your vacant roles. Luckily, there are techniques that leading… Read more »

How Does Direct Sourcing Complement Talent Curation Efforts?

While partnering with a talent curation service is often a smart move for finding top talent, that doesn’t mean companies should completely move away from direct sourcing methods. Supplementing the available talent pool through additional means, including career sites and reviewing internal employee-related data, companies can tap into a larger number of job seekers, increasing… Read more »

smRTpass Set to Attend 2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference in Oak Brook, IL

2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference

In order to compete in today’s tight labor market, companies need to embrace a variety of tools. By attending the 2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference, decision-makers can learn about a range of approaches and systems that can enable them to efficiently reach their strategic workforce objectives. This year, smRTpass is set to attend this valuable… Read more »

What Aspects of Talent Curation Are Best Served by Automation?

Automation is a powerful tool capable of streamlining processes, minimizing workloads, and increasing overall efficiency. When applied to the talent curation process, automation can help you expand your pipeline, simplifying profile maintenance, and even augment your talent ecosystem. By understanding which aspects of talent curation are best served by automation, you have the ability to… Read more »