Referral Program

smRTpass contingent workers are eligible to receive a one-time bonus of $1,000 for a successful referral.

To qualify for a referral bonus:
  1. The referring contingent worker must send an introductory email to their smRTpass Recruiter, cc’ing and introducing the referred candidate, prior to the referred candidate being presented to the client;
  2. The referring contingent worker must have no influence on the hiring team;
  3. The referring contingent worker must be an active smRTpass employee or subcontractor at the time of referral and at the time of bonus payment; and
  4. The referred contingent worker must work 160 approved hours as a smRTpass contingent worker.

Referral bonuses are subject to review and are paid in good faith at the discretion of smRTpass. If a referral bonus creates a potential conflict of interest or if there is any reason to doubt the authenticity of the referral, smRTpass reserves the right to withhold payment.

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