Delivering a Winning Business Case for an MSP Solution: Step 1 [Assess]

man and woman talking outside of office

Before you can successfully implement a managed service provider (MSP) solution, you need to build a strong business case for bringing one into your workplace. While utilizing contingent workers is often a critical part of a company’s success, particularly if their staffing needs fluctuate seasonally or based on shifts in demand, managing a flexible workforce… Read more »

smRTpass Set to Attend 2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference in Oak Brook, IL

2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference

In order to compete in today’s tight labor market, companies need to embrace a variety of tools. By attending the 2019 VMS Professionals Annual Conference, decision-makers can learn about a range of approaches and systems that can enable them to efficiently reach their strategic workforce objectives. This year, smRTpass is set to attend this valuable… Read more »