About Us

Founded by colleagues and friends Surajit and Sridhar as the next phase of their journey to catalyze the future of work and become a leading service provider, smRTpass focuses on helping customers to achieve business objectives – deploying workforce management solutions to meet resource needs and enable business teams to thrive. smRTpass services are designed with the customer and worker experiences in mind and support core business initiatives, such as.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Business Agility
  • Social Responsibility
  • Engagement
  • Business Process Outsourcing

smRTpass is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with ISO 9001:2015 certified operations.


Building partnerships that last

The core to our business operations has been and always will be delivering quality managed services to our customers, services which scale and which are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We have a passion for delivering the best value to our customers and go the extra mile to be a strategic partner regarding workforce management strategy, contingent labor practices and program expansion.

Innovation and performance

Innovation is a byproduct of our quality management model. Our approach is a mix of a unified strategy led by our management team, engagement and empowerment of our associates by our operations teams, delivery of measured, customer-centric services by our service delivery teams, and the implementation of controls, analysis & service improvement strategy by our client relations teams.

Diversity, inclusion & community

Diverse sourcing practices and an inclusive culture result in numerous perspectives to real business challenges. We give back to our community through corporate sponsorship, monetary and non-monetary donations, and employee volunteering. A champion of diversity, inclusion and equity, smRTpass is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. Our team brings numerous perspectives to any problem, and we are committed to promoting diverse sourcing practices and maintaining an inclusive work culture.

Integrity, trust and ethics

Our customers recognize us for being flexible, understanding their business, and aligning with their practices. We conduct periodic supplier audits, internal audits, and follow strict processes to ensure our practices are controlled, tested, and improved. We do not compromise on ethics, and we are always transparent about the feasibility of requests. We seek to establish partnerships with our customers, not simple business arrangements.


Cultivating engaging relationships

People engagement is central to our practices and vital to the long-term viability of our services. From customer satisfaction to talent engagement and networking at conferences, we strive to build meaningful, lasting relationships with our customers, workers, suppliers, peers, community leaders, thought-leaders and industry analysts. Cultivating a broad variety of relationships allows us to best understand business needs, to best understand how to approach top talent, and to make the biggest impact on the communities we serve.

Employee empowerment and accountability

smRTpass leadership empowers employees to share ideas and take ownership of daily tasks. We regularly survey employees for feedback and take action based on the results. For every department, we have established internal processes and measurable KPIs to provide cross-functional accountability and drive progress towards unified objectives. Our associates regularly collaborate with the staffing industry on new or evolved ideas to ensure smRTpass remains on the cutting edge and provides increasingly cost-effective services to customers.

We’re building strong, diverse teams of creative, disruptive people who play to win and are passionate about helping businesses achieve their objectives through workforce management solutions. We work hard to hit our goals, we build strong relationships among our teams — lunches for every birthday and to review achievements after each quarter — within normal business hours. And then we go home.

Protecting the interest of our customers

smRTpass reviews each customer’s needs and business initiatives, selects and tailors appropriate services, and delivers a comprehensive solution to support business objectives. We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity, ensuring the proper controls are in place for operations and dedicating time to evolving or adapting smRTpass’s views on risk in the non-employee work space. We give back to our community through corporate sponsorship, monetary and non-monetary donations, and employee volunteering.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Starting in 2018, smRTpass began on a journey to review practices, policies and procedures and learn best practices for achieving diversity, inclusion and equity. By the end of 2019, we will have deployed a formalized corporate social responsibility strategy to build on existing commitments and merits. We are improving the way diversity is measured, providing new and more efficient ways for our workers to share their voice, and seeking new ways to provide opportunity to all members of our community.

We are evaluating internal practices for bias, such as how we write job descriptions or how we negotiate compensation. Our strategy goal is to establish infrastructure to enable us to measure and diversify our organizational footprint and further align with the communities we serve. This includes engaging with diverse organizations and aligning our candidate population with our community.

smRTpass is engaged with numerous local, charitable organizations and seeks input from community leaders on how to best impact our community. Through these relationships, smRTpass is made aware of areas within our communities which need our support and is introduced to additional organizations or individuals with whom we build lasting relationships.


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