Delivering a Winning Business Case for an MSP Solution: Step 2 [Engage]

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When you want to implement a managed service provider (MSP) solution to help you address your contingent workforce needs, building a strong business case is essential. Otherwise, securing buy-in from members of the leadership team can be incredibly challenging, particularly if they do not understand the value an MSP can provide. 

In order to deliver a winning business case for an MSP solution, you need to engage with key stakeholders. This can seem like a daunting task. However, after you have assessed your current state, it is an essential step in the process if you want to provide a clear value proposition that will influence the perspective of company leaders. 

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Here is a look at the key stakeholders who need to be involved as well as steps to engage them in the process. 

Key Stakeholders for Building Your Business Case 

While every organization is different, certain stakeholders play a critical role in this stage of the process in nearly every company. Without their buy-in and support, developing a strong business case is incredibly difficult, if not impossible. 

Usually, you will need to identify internal partners in key business areas. This includes human resources, procurement, ERP, and sourcing teams. Not only is their buy-in critical, but they are also vital sources of information that can help bolster your position. 

Connect to a Larger Corporate Initiative 

If you want to secure buy-in from the leadership team, having a clear connection between an MSP implementation and a broader company initiative is critical. This can include anything from risk mitigation to cost-reduction efforts or any other point where an MSP can further the company towards its grander objective. 

This connection makes it easier to align the value proposition with a goal that business leaders already consider a priority. As a result, it bolsters your business case by addressing a primary organizational concern and allows the MSP proposition to step into the position of being a solution to a problem instead of simply a program that may be worth exploring. 

Select the Right Executive Sponsor 

Along with getting key stakeholders involved, it is wise to select an executive sponsor. This individual will help rally senior leadership to the cause, provide various resources, and give you a pathway for influencing the business at every level. 

In order to select the right executive sponsor, you need to choose an individual who supports an MSP implementation. This requires a strong assessment of your current contingent workforce state and a winning value proposition, increasing the odds that the sponsor will believe in the benefits an MSP can provide and has appropriate access to concrete data. 

Once you have an executive sponsor in place, you are prepared to approach company leaders regarding the implementation of an MSP solution. 

The Professionals at smRTpass Can Help

If you would like to know more, the professionals at smRTpass can help. Contact us or download our guide, A Guide to Delivering a Winning Business Case for an MSP Solution, to learn more about crafting a strong business case as well as how our expertise can benefit you. 

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