Three Ways to Harness Employer Branding for Talent Engagement

While leveraging your employer branding to attract a candidate base is critical, taking it further is also a wise move. You also need to focus on talent engagement, ensuring that those who are initially interested in what your company has to offer view you as an employer of choice and are willing to stay connected until the right opportunity becomes available.


Harnessing your employer branding for talent engagement doesn’t have to be a challenge. With that in mind, here are three ways to get started today.

1. Establish Your Company as an Expert

Being an authority in your target niche makes your company more credible in the eyes of job seekers. Plus, it can increase your level of exposure in that arena, increasing the odds you will be noticed by skilled candidates.

Establishing your company as an expert does take effort. You will need to demonstrate your expertise publicly and on platforms that candidates frequent.

One method is to publish free content on social media, company blogs and other websites. Make sure the information is beneficial in nature, and forgo any attempts to sell your products, services or even open jobs. The idea is to make knowledge-sharing the priority, especially details that could benefit the kinds of professionals you are hoping to recruit.

2. Showcase Your Dedication to Innovation

Candidates often favor companies they believe are on the cutting edge or at least staying slightly ahead of the times. The ability to work with new technologies can be an enticing reason to apply to an organization. Similarly, being provided with the space to innovate on the job can give a role more intrinsic value.

Whenever you implement (or create) a new technology, consider making that information public. Post about the addition and how it can help you spur growth, change or advancement in your industry on social media. Allow your excitement for what a recent innovation means for the business, particularly when it relates strongly to your mission or values.

This approach helps establish your company as a leader in the industry and in the related job fields. Both of those points can increase talent engagement, keeping skilled professionals interested in where you are today and where you may go in the future.

3. Highlight Your Commitment to Your Workforce

When it comes to genuine top talent, few are ready to rest on their laurels. Instead, they want to continue to grow and advance professionally, and they favor employers that can help them achieve their goals.

If you want to establish your company as an employer of choice, highlight any programs that showcase your commitment to the advancement of your workforce. Discuss training opportunities, mentorship arrangements and anything else you have to offer your staff. You can also encourage your employees to discuss their experiences in these areas on social media, giving your claims more clout. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to intrigue top talent, increasing the level of engagement.

Need Help With Employer Branding?

All of the tips above can help you ensure that skilled professionals remain engaged with your company, even if you don’t have an existing opening. If you would like to learn more, the staff at smRTpass can help. Contact us with your questions today and see how our talent engagement expertise can benefit you.


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