Simple Steps to Take Ownership of Your Career Progress

smrtpass take ownership of career progress

Career growth doesn’t happen by accident. While some employees may be offered an unexpected promotion over time, the vast majority of professionals have to take ownership of their progress, taking active steps to continue along the path to greater success.

Waiting for someone to tell you what to do and extend an opportunity unprompted is typically a mistake. Instead, follow the three steps above to help fast-track your career progression.

1. Make Your Goals Known

Many professionals wrongly assume their manager or members of their network know where they want their career to go. In reality, if you haven’t expressed your goals to those who could help you take the next step, they might assume you aren’t interested in advancing.

If a specific opportunity interests you, make sure the key decision makers are aware. Speak with your manager about your desire to rise up through the ranks and tell your network about the kind of positions you want to land in the future, even if you aren’t actively seeking a new role today.

The idea is to plant the thought firmly in the minds of others. That way, when something comes up that aligns with your goals, there is a better chance they will think of you and reach out.

2. Anticipate the Next Development

In most cases, emerging trends reflect the standards of tomorrow. By learning to monitor industry developments and acquire skills that coincide with what is on the horizon, you are positioning yourself for greater success and differentiating yourself from others in your company or industry.

Ideally, you need to dedicate time regularly to discover emerging trends and industry changes. This can include reading relevant news, attending conferences that focus on future developments, or monitoring the posts of thought leaders in your field.

By keeping an eye on the future, you can identify opportunities that are worth seizing before they end up on everyone’s radar. Not only does this differentiate your from other people in your field, but your mentors and connections can also help you future-proof your career.

3. Pursue the Right Training

If you have a particular position or opportunity in your sights, then pursuing training opportunities that align with that goal is a wise investment. For example, if a job requires a specific certification or experience you don’t have right now, don’t wait to see if that requirement changes or hope that someone else will prompt you to advance your learning. Instead, sign up for the courses and dedicate your own time to make meeting that qualification a reality.

Similarly, if you need a specific kind of experience, actively seek out opportunities that let you acquire what you need. Ask your manager if you can participate in projects that give you a chance to get the real-world experience you need. Take that next step and find opportunities that can move you forward.

By following the three steps above, you can take ownership of your career progression. If you’d like to learn more about building your network and connecting with open positions, the skilled professionals at smRTpass can help you connect with growing organizations. Contact us to discuss your goals today and see how our career growth expertise can benefit you.



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