Your Guide to the Power of Talent Curation and Direct Sourcing

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Finding top talent quickly is the goal when companies hire. Traditional recruiting mechanisms like posting vacancies on job boards usually take time to deliver meaningful results, making them less than ideal when you need to move quickly. This is especially true for contingent positions, as they may not gain the same level of attention when displayed alongside long-term opportunities.

However, there is a method that can let you tap into a strong talent pool quickly: direct sourcing. Here, you reach out to potential candidates who’ve connected with you in the past, including those who worked on short-term assignments, to see if they are interested in the current vacancy.

In today’s labor market, direct sourcing is a powerful tool in your arsenal when you need to supplement your workforce. How can your team develop an innovative solution to recruit top talent efficiently? Contact smRTpass today to learn more about our Talent Direct program and what it can contribute to your business.

If you haven’t considered this approach to direct sourcing before, here’s what you need to know.

Tried-and-Tested Candidates

One of the most significant benefits of direct sourcing is that the majority of the candidates you find have already gained some experience with your company or your industry. If they have previously worked with your organization, you are likely familiar with their skills, work ethic and how they fit into your team’s dynamic.

By reaching out to one of these professionals, you reduce the level of risk associated with a new hire. You can approximate their capabilities in advance and anticipate how they will interact with their co-workers, lowering the odds that a mismatch will occur.

Streamlined Hiring

Since these candidates have already worked with or engaged your company in the past, your hiring process is automatically streamlined. You may be able to reactivate their previous personnel file, reduce the number of background checks required and get through the onboarding process faster.

If the person worked with you recently, they are likely still familiar with your processes and procedures. This allows them to hit the ground running if they accept the role, decreasing the time between starting in the position and being fully productive.

However, it is important not to bypass all of your screening processes. Just because a person had the right skills to excel in their previous position doesn’t guarantee they will do so in a different role. Make sure to review what they have to offer, especially if a significant amount of time has passed since they last worked for your organization, and confirm that they are truly a match for your needs.

Building on Established Relationships

Forging long-term relationships with contingent staff members can work to your benefit. It creates an opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level, giving you the chance to discover additional details about what the person has to offer beyond a single role. Additionally, the candidate begins to connect with the business, creating a stronger bond that makes them more invested in the organization’s success.

Even if the arrangements are short-term, crafting a solid relationship not only increases the odds that they will accept another project but also builds a bond between the worker and the company, enhancing motivation and boosting productivity.

What Can Direct Sourcing Do for You?

Ultimately, direct sourcing is a powerful approach to recruitment and hiring and is certainly worth exploring whenever you have an open position.

If you are interested in learning more about a unique approach to sourcing, Talent Direct, the knowledgeable professionals at smRTpass can help. Contact us to discuss your goals today and see how our expertise with Talent Direct can make locating top talent quick and efficient.

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